Ceremony of Remembrance for Officer Sean A. Collier

Friday, April 18, 2014
The following statement from President Reif was read by Israel Ruiz, MIT's Executive Vice President and Treasurer, at the Ceremony of Remembrance for Officer Sean A. Collier.

Today, we offer our profound respect and sympathy to those who knew Officer Collier best: his family, and his countless friends, in and out of uniform. For them, the world without him will never be the same.

Many of us came to know Sean Collier only through the tragedy of his loss. Yet what we learned from the example of his life has – in the most beautiful way – changed our world, too.

Officer Collier protected the peace of our campus, and he increased its joy.

He knew that his uniform allowed him to talk to anyone – and so he talked to everyone! He had a gift for friendship, and he mastered the art of appreciating other people.

In his honor, and with his spirit, let us make the world different because of him:

Let us take time to appreciate one another -- the people who work with us, who teach us and learn from us, who encourage and inspire us, who make time for us, and who protect us every day.

We are one community – and Sean Collier was, truly, one of us. He offered our community his service. And he served a community that he had made his own.